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Conditions We Treat with Chiropractic Adjustments in Maryland

A chiropractic adjustment is a natural way to treat many conditions.

If you have an injury or chronic pain, chiropractic care could be the answer you are seeking. Chiropractic adjustments, along with exercises, massage and physiotherapy modalities, can alleviate pain without medication, surgery or other invasive treatments.

You’re in good hands with Dr. Levi.

Before any chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Levi will give you a full examination. After diagnosing your condition, his recommended course of treatment will focus on:

  • Reducing pain
  • Increasing function and range of motion
  • Improving quality of life and overall wellbeing
  • Preventing reoccurrence

Since 1997, Dr. Levi has treated countless patients with countless conditions. To learn more about some of the conditions we treat including their causes and symptoms, choose below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common conditions that can be treated with chiropractic adjustments?

The most common reasons patients come to see Dr. Levi are:

Many patients also find chiropractic care provides relief in chronic conditions like osteoarthritis,
scoliosis, TMJ, fibromyalgia and even pregnancy-related discomfort.

Why do chiropractic adjustments work for pain and injuries?

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to ensure your body’s musculoskeletal system is aligned so that you can heal properly. Through a combination of manipulation, stretching, massage and exercises, Dr. Levi works to get to the root cause of your injury or condition.

What can I expect at my first chiropractic appointment?

At your first appointment with Dr. Levi, he will:

  • Administer a medical history
  • Take your vital signs such as blood pressure and pulse
  • Visually inspect your injuries and spine
  • Conduct both orthopedic and neurological exams
  • If necessary, you may be referred to get other diagnostic tests such as an x-ray or MRI

Based on your exam, Dr. Levi will diagnose you and determine if chiropractic adjustments are right for your needs and condition. He will then devise a treatment plan and start you on the road to recovery!

How quickly will I feel relief after a chiropractic adjustment?

Many people experience some alleviation of pain almost immediately after a visit with Dr. Levi. However, since chiropractic care is a long term solution, most patients will need multiple adjustments before seeing their health improve.

Dr. Levi takes a holistic approach to your condition. Along with your chiropractic adjustments he will also coach you on lifestyle changes such as posture, sleep, diet and exercise that can help speed your recovery. Chiropractic care can also complement any other medical care you are receiving.