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Workplace injuries

Every year, millions of people experience work-related injuries while on the job and they can range from mild to severe. Whether you’re suffering from extreme, acute back pain from a warehouse accident or debilitating soft tissue inflammation due to carpal tunnel syndrome, work injuries can prevent you from performing your job duties and cause continued discomfort in your day-to-day life.

Most common types of workplace injuries

According to the National Safety Council, the most common types of injuries at work are:

Slips, Trips And Falls

Overexertion And Bodily Reaction

  • Non-impact injuries from lifting, pushing, turning, holding, carrying or throwing
  • Repetitive motion injuries resulting in stress or strain on some part of the body without strenuous effort

Contact With Objects And Equipment

  • Being struck by or crashing into a workplace object
  • A body part being squeezed, crushed or pinched
  • A structure, equipment or material collapsing or falling on a worker

Receiving Workers’ Compensation Insurance for a Workplace injury

Workers’ Compensation is a system in place by state governments to protect and care for employees who have endured occupational injuries. After your accident, be sure to see a doctor for a full evaluation. You can then work with your employer and an attorney to see if you are eligible for workers’ compensation insurance.
Chiropractic therapy is covered under workers’ comp insurance just like treatment from any other medical professional. And if Dr. Levi determines that further care is necessary beyond the covered timeframe, he can request authorization from your employer/workers’ compensation insurance to receive additional visits covered by your policy.

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