Feeling fine after a car accident? Let's make sure | Levi Chiropractic

Feeling fine after a car accident? Let’s make sure. 

You’ve been in a car accident. Ouch! But actually, you aren’t feeling any ouches! Great! That’s a relief, right? Well…

Just because you may feel fine directly after a crash, doesn’t always mean you are fine. Pain may be masked by all the adrenaline and endorphins created by the experience of the accident, and soft tissue injuries, which are not visible on an X-ray, can take days or even weeks to manifest.

Do you feel some soreness, stiffness or headaches after your accident? That’s normal, right? Actually, those symptoms could be the signs of a serious injury. Even low-speed impacts can cause trauma to your muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments as well as cause misalignment issues.

Visiting a chiropractor who specializes in auto accident injuries is a good idea even if you feel little to no pain. Dr. Levi can detect, examine and diagnose an underlying problem so that chronic pain doesn’t become an issue down the road. (Pun intended!)

Chiropractic care is almost always covered by your health insurance. However, even if your health insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care, you may be entitled to it through the auto insurance policies involved in your accident.

Dr. Levi specializes in auto accident injuries – specifically whiplash which is one of the most common. Because the force of the collision causes your head and neck to suddenly and forcefully move backward and forward, significant stress is placed on your pain-sensitive nerve fibers, as well as your soft tissues and intervertebral discs.

If you’ve been in a car accident, set up an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Levi right away to make sure that split-second injury doesn’t turn into long-term or permanent pain.