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Dos and Don’ts After a Chiropractic Visit

Going for chiropractic treatments after an injury or for pain in your body is an excellent step to getting back on the path to better health and well being. But to reap the most benefits out of your appointments, you’ll want to make some smart choices on your own. Here’s Dr. Levi’s list of dos and don’ts after an adjustment.

DO hydrate.

When you have a chiropractic adjustment or manipulation, drinking lots of water helps flush out your system so you feel better and reduce inflammatory triggers; like alcohol, caffeine, sugar, salt etc…

DON’T be sedentary.

Try to avoid sitting for long periods after your appointment. You don’t want to vigorously exercise, but making sure you move around helps eliminate stiffness and increases flexibility. Movement encourages circulation in the muscles, tendons and ligaments and can strengthen the body during healing. A leisurely walk or swim could be good ways to move.

DO keep your movements steady.

As your body reorganizes to a more balanced state, you’ll want to watch your movement and posture. Keep movements steady with no quick, jerky motions. Avoid lifting heavy items or over-strenuous activities. And watch your posture when you sit and stand as well as how you lift.

DON’T eat a bunch of junk.

When you are in pain, it might feel good in the moment to eat an entire bag of orange Milano cookies. But your body needs nutrient-dense foods to help recover and repair injuries. Eating a lot of processed foods can encourage inflammation which can increase pain and slow the healing process.

DON’T ignore the plan.

Listen to Dr. Levi! Be sure to continue the stretches and exercises you learn in the office. Make your follow up appointments (and stick to them.) And consider making the lifestyle and posture changes Dr. Levi recommends for long term well-being.

DO get enough sleep.

Getting the rest your body needs can speed the recovery process and aid in the body’s natural ability to heal. Ask Dr. Levi his recommendations for the best sleeping position, pillow and mattress for your injury or pain.

DON’T overschedule yourself.

If at all possible, try and plan your appointments on days when you can go home right after. You don’t want to be stuck sitting at a desk or doing strenuous activities. Also, don’t have any other healing procedures done in the same day or even week. That way you’ll know what is working best for you.

DO be patient.

Many people feel immediate relief after a chiropractic appointment, but most of the time, especially when it comes to an injury or chronic pain, it takes multiple visits. Be persistent with your treatment plan and you should experience healing very soon.

And of course, DON’T be shy in asking questions. Dr. Levi is always here to help and educate you.